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Stress and Wellness

Big news: Along with my newly updated website, and Healthy Living Newsletter, I have just started a blog ( My blog, which is available by (free) subscription only, will focus on stories from my healing practice, and tips for health and wellness.  I promise I won’t overwhelm you with too much too often; I’ll probably blog on a weekly basis, no more than that.  In any event, I invite you to subscribe ~ it’s free, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

I will, of course, continue to publish an occasional newsletter as well, also focusing on health and wellness issues, and encouraging you to make regular massage and bodywork a part of your own wellness plan.  Peter Fox Healing Hands Stress and Wellnes

Let’s take a look at stress…

Stressed-out drivers in rush-hour traffic…deadline pressures…emergency sirens…over-stimulation on the radio, TV “news”, the internet…family and financial pressures…  Stress is literally built into the fabric of society and has become a chronic condition in our lives.  Stress is the bane of our existence.  It’s easy to tell people to just deal with it, but most people really don’t know how.

Research by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami has shown that when stress levels are lowered following a massage, we feel less pain, are less anxious and depressed, less tired, fall asleep more easily and have more restful sleep.  What else can you do to de-stress?  Get outside and take a walk, a delightful thing to do now that the weather is finally starting to cool off a bit.   Do yoga – and you don’t have to turn yourself into a pretzel and be the most flexible person on the planet to enjoy the benefits of yoga.  Meditate (on which I’ll focus in my next blog post), turn off the  TV, read, listen to music, get a massage.  It’s your move…


  1. Thanks for the meditation lesson. It was great!! Nice writing, good tutorial, I also like the gallery of pictures, but I couldn’t get the first and last one – my computer wouldn’t allow it and ‘told me to try later’- the one of you singing and the North Hollywood Beach one – love that long bridge/walkway to the beach. I don’t know if other blog readers have had the same experience with the pictures of you.

    The other pictures are so soothing and relaxing, just looking at them makes me feel ‘massaged’.

    Also, did you know that meditation is beneficial for the brain, to keep it healthy and active longer? Doesn’t sound like it would be but it is.

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